Held at:
500 E. First St. 
Dayton, Ohio
on Saturday Night Nov. 3rd, 2012


- 20 winning applicants were chosen at random to attend our private, exclusive, Food Adventure

- Cameras were passed around to attendees and they were asked to take some food photos that would be displayed on our page

- Gift Certificate Prizes were given away and food and drink were enjoyed by all

- Some great stories and restaurant tips were passed around this "foodie fest"

- This was our first Food Adventure event of this type


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Link to the Menu


Brixx is known for their burgers, fellow foodies the Scanlans took the time to take some photos of their meals..
The event in full swing, sharing stories about favorite dining spots in Dayton !

We had 2 tables of 12 at the private dining room upstairs at Brixx !
Just like the Food Adventure attendees at Brixx, the Meatloaf sandwich is saucy and sassy
Pork Quesadilla - we had our foodie friends take their own photos !
A bacon burger at Brixx built with love by one of our Food Adventure fans
The Strawberry Margaritas at Brixx are HUGE !!
"Empty" as coined by one of our Bash at Brixx attendees
The Big Ragu was happy to have friend Leann at the event
The Reuben at Brixx was highly recommended
One of our Food Adventure fans took this still life photo haha
Chrissy and Anna shared various tips with the group on favorite places to dine in Dayton
The roast beef melt, as photographed by a fellow food adventurer
One of our foodie friends wanted to make sure that you knew this was great cosmopolitan at Brixx !
Fish and Chips at Brixx - photo by fellow foodie Katie !
Fellow foodies Jake and Heather were the first to arrive at the Bash at Brixx
When you build your own burger at Brixx, you create your own juicy masterpiece
One of our guests took this picture of their hand made egg roll dunked in sauce
The meatloaf sandwich - the secret to this sandwich is the Brixx Glaze sauce ! Ragu ordered extra sauce to dip it !