161 Far Hills Ave.
Dayton, OH 45459

Phone:  (937) 535-5696 


- A pre-pay cooking school featuring various topics.  Prices start at $45 per person

- Classes are hands on, where you learn by doing.

- At the end of the class, all of the attendees get to eat the food being prepared


No Facebook Page as of Apr. 2013


- A chance to get out of your cooking comfort zone

- Learn from some of the areas best chefs

- The various classes feature food groups cooking, different types of cultural cooking, or special guests.

Bangers and Mashed from "English Pub Night" class
Shepard's Pie from the "English Pub night" class
Big Ragu made this Bread Pudding for the entire class
Up close shot of the bread pudding
Steamed Kale
Marinara Sauce cooking in one of the Italian food classes
The class listens to Italian Cooking guru, Mary
Marsala sauce, for covering the ravioli
Freshly made pasta dough
Making Ravioli, it doesnt get fresher than this
Making ravioli with fresh pasta
Some of the finished homemade ravioli
boiling the ravioli and they float as they finish
Ravioli covered with Marsala sauce
Lasagna in the oven, made with homemade pasta
Lasagna in the oven
The spoils: you get to eat after each cooking Food Adventure !
End of the night, plate of all the homemade pastas we created
Up close shot of a serving of Ravioli Marsala
View to a Cook
Preparing the veggies for the "sushi class"
Bamboo mat wrapped with cling wrap
Everybody was Kung Fu fighting ...
Each student prepared their own sushi rolls
A handmade Philly roll by one of the attendees
Chopped, raw tuna, ready for the sushi rolls
Lining up the tuna on some seaweed paper for a spicy tuna roll
Inside out spicy tuna roll ready to be sliced
Another view of the spicy tuna roll
Sushi Plate
We made salmon handrolls, and sushi rolls with the raw salmon
End of the night, sushi plate.  We tried different soy sauces, and made our own spicy mayo, too.
Keep rollin, rollin
Plating more sushi, we really became good at this !
Many times, the classes are paired with adult beverages such as wine of craft beers
the "confused Italian roll"  Prosciutto on the outside.  the point is, the sky is the limit to invent your own sushi roll
Preparations for stir fry night at DLM School of Cooking
Trimming some skirt steak for the beef stir fry
Stir fry - means julienne your veggies by slicing them into thin strips
We are ready to wok and roll
Rice cookers, a great invention
Shitake Mushrooms and more veggies for the "Stir Fry" class
Meats and veggies, ready for the wok class
the teachers spoke about proper woks to get, oil to use and technique
Stir fried shrimp dish
Overhead view of an expert stri fryer at work.  Great chefs and great teachers at DLM School of Cooking
Finished product, shrimp with lobster sauce
Overhead view making almond chicken - the mirrors in the school, make it easy to watch an overhead view
Stir fried beef
There you have it, beef with oyster sauce
Serving the beef over hard rice noodles
Eager attendees are captivated by the cooking tips from the guest chef
Soft Rice Noodles
Veggies - stir fried for a bit
Pork with Ginger Sauce
We wanna wok n roll all night, and party everyday
Vegetarian Stir Fry dish
This healthy vegetarian stir fry smelled and tasted amazing
At the end of the class, we enjoyed a full plate of different stirfry dishes ladled over rice.  Pretty good stuff!
Learning from guest chefs like published author Chef George Geary is priceless
Check out Chef George Geary's website at  He was a special gust on this class called "it's all in the sauce"
Pork loins ready to be roasted
Homemade salad dressings that we learned to make.  From left to right:  Thousand Island Dressing, Radda Vinaigrette, and Creamy Honey Mustard
Samples of the dressings - easy, simple and fast
How about some meat sauce?  Chef Geary showed us how to get your Italian cooking on
Chef Geary's Vodka Creamy Sauce that The Big Ragu helped prepare.
Check out Chef Geary at
Slicing the pork roast and plating it with asparagus with "Tri herb butter" that we made
Look at this plate, asparagus steamed and topped with "Tri-herb butter" sauce. Next to a delicious slice of pork
Our plate at the end of  "its all in the sauce" night
"Its all in the Sauce" night ended with with Rich Bittersweet Chocolate Fondue Sauce and White Chocolate Midnight Sauce with Macadamia nuts
Setup for the "Back to Basics:Fish" class
Shrimp and raw scallops, ready on the prep table
Freshly sliced Cod for one of the dishes
Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops with Tomato Pernod Sauce on "Back to Basics Night: Fish"
Grilled Swordfish with mango-pineapple sauce - Chef Jen DiSanto from Fresca wa sour guest chef
The grilled swordfish and mango-pineapple salsa - Ragu thinks Superfry would love this
The chef explained the way to shop for fresh fish.  Are the eyes clear?  does the fish smell fresh ?
Grilling the swordfish steaks on "Back to Basics: Fish" night
Is there anything better than grilled seafood with some lime juice or lemon juice drizzled on top ?
Preparing the parchment paper for the Red Snapper En Papillote.  It is ready for the oven
The grilled shrimp and scallops .. amazing taste - now what will accompany them?  Not a trombonist
Sauteed Shrimp and scallops with a tomato sauce
End of the night plate from "Back to Basics: Fish"
Look at this lamb shank created at the Dorothy Lane Market School of Cooking
This is all you need to make fresh pasta yourself
the prep ingredients to make tortellini stuffed with prosciutto (ham) and pancetta (Italian bacon)
Ingredients to make tortellini stuffed with bleu cheese
Running the fresh dough through the pasta machine
Rolling fresh pasta
Hand made tortellini stuffed with bleu cheese
Suddenly we find we have hand pressed a ton of tortellini
The tortellini hits the water
Freshly Boiled Tortellini - begging for some sauce
Bleu cheese tortellini with tomato sauce
Tortellini ready to be rolled
Making more pork stuffed ravioli
Nothing beats freshly made pasta dishes.. They are amazing
The amazing wild mushroom topped ravioli
The raw ingredients for wild mushroom stuffed
Freshly made tortellini soup, in a chicken broth
Dishing out some tortellini soup
We had a glass of white Italian wine with our pasta dishes at the end of "Fresh Pasta" night
Up close pasta dish - bleu cheese tortellini with tomato sauce
We learned that fresh pasta takes some work, but it is amazing in its taste and texture.