223 North Main St
Dayton, OH  45402

PHONE: (937) 222-8031

- One of the first restaurants in Dayton to offer NY Style Pizza.

- Multiple locations in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati.

- Dough made fresh daily and you can watch them toss it.

- Pizza is available by the slice or you can order a whole pie. 


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- Pizza by the slice!  You can choose the traditional slice or go for a slice of thick Sicilian Square.

-Meatball Sandwich


- Local, family owned restaurant.

- If you don't want a whole pie, you can pick up a and cheap!

- These guys really know how to fling the dough...and they do it quite a few times a day...that means it's fresh.

-They make some of the best meatballs in the business!  

-A Dayton tradition!
A very close up view of a slice of Sicilian truly unique flavor.
Superfry loves the slices of Sausage Pizza....he also loves pelting the Big Ragu with the little sausage pellets.
The Graci Brothers own the Downtown Dayton Flying Pizza.
Two slices of Pepperoni Pizza....NY Style!
Two slices of perfection.
Need a beer to go along with your pizza?  They got you covered....Brooklyn's finest.
A great view of that tasty crust...never frozen!
Can't make up your mind whether to go with Traditional or Sicilian....get one of each!
Superfry knows how to eat a slice of fold it!
Frank Graci tossing the dough in the air...and not a hair out of place.
Inside the Centerville store.
This is how much we love Flying Pizza...we couldn't leave the pizza long enough to snap a picture...somebody started eating the crust!
Great for a Low Carbohydrate diet....definitely low carb!
Our beloved Centerville Flying Pizza.
The man never rests....Frank Graci showing how Italians multitask...talking on the phone while playing with and forming some dough.
The Flying Pizza uses the finest paper plates available.
A shot of the many toppings that you can put on your pie.
No this is not the Big Ragu's an up close pic of the properly cooked pizza cheese.
The Carco family owns the Centerville location...they also make some of the tastiest meatballs that you will ever eat.  Just don't ask for the recipe...Superfry got a death stare when he asked.
Our good friend Rob Carco opened up the first Flying Pizza in the Cincinnati area.