Held at Fraze Pavillion
Kettering, Ohio

- A summer festival that celebrates the Chicken Wing!

- Various restaurants from the Miami Valley come to showcase their wings & various sauces.

- The food is heavy on Chicken Wings, Beer, & Classic Rock Cover Bands.  We swear that we heard a Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover Band last year.


- People Watching.  All walks of life come to these kinds of festivals!

- Lots of different Chicken Wings to try....the Big Ragu was heaven while Superfry managed to find a place selling Grilled Chicken Skewers!

- It's free, fun, and family friendly!  We didn't see a lot of drunks there except a few people that we brought along, but we won't discuss that!

As we entered the festival... a crowd had formed before the 2pm start time
The Roosters Booth proudly displayed their sauces.
The place gets packed at night...our advice is to go earlier in the day.
Nick's Restaurant in Xenia, Ohio had some of our favorite wings of the day.
The Spicy Garlic Wing from Nick's Restaurant.  It was the fan favorite of the day as well as ours.
Sweet Bourbon BBQ Wings from Nick's restaurant bursted with flavor!!
Probably the scariest sight at the festival was the Big Ragu sweating from the Summer Heat as well as the heat from the Wings.
The Baked Chicken Wings from McGillicutty's Tavern in Kettering, Ohio.
McGillicutty's BBQ wing is a healthier option for those counting's baked!
The normal price for most vendors at Wing Fest.  This low price allows you to sample all of the vendors!
McGillicutty's is known for their amazing bread sticks (just like the old Noble Roman's Sticks) & these pretzel bites were a good sample of the taste of their bread sticks.
This is the culprit of one of the members of our party feeling quite good at the end of the event.
Archer's Tavern was on hand serving up wings coated in Uncle Jesters sauces.  If you haven't tried Uncle Jesters sauces...Do it!
Archer's may advertise they have the 2nd best wings in the world, but their dry rub wings are pretty damn amazing.
Buffalo Wings & Rings offered the most sauces including our favorites: Parmesan Garlic, Sweet & Sour, & the Crazy Sauce.
Romer's Bar & Grill in Bellbrook were one of the participants in the festival.
It looks as if the Big Ragu took a bite out of the Romer's wing before the picture was taken!
One of the best things about Wing Fest being held at Fraze is the beautiful fountains to sit by.  Or if you are really hot....take off your clothes and dive in.
BW3 is always a favorite among people.  Superfry loves the Teriyaki Sauce while the Big Ragu goes for Spicy Garlic.
Cleavage & Wings.....we told you that it was a family atmosphere.
This guy was from the Paradise Key Cafe who was out in the crowding passing out samples of their Wings.  He promised that they had the best wing at the festival.  Our advice: Don't make a promise that you can't keep.
The BBQ wings that we tried from Paradise Key Cafe.  They were actually the whole chicken wing.
Our friend Jeff was so displeased with the whole wing from Paradise Key Cafe that he spiked the wing into the grass like it was a football.  It was quite a funny sight to witness.
If you are at a Wing Fest....make your hair look like a Roosters.  We hope that was the intention.
Sweet & Sassy Wings from Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers.  They were really good.
Fire Sweet Chipotle Wings from Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers
This is what happens when you eat too many spicy wings in the summer....(keep in mind that he sweats in air conditioned rooms).  You end up with slicked back hair, bloodshot eyes, and a split lip.
Superfry snapped this photo of Ragu's back sweat that trickled down causing a sweat spot on the top of his shorts.
Our friend, Chris Bhai of Brixx Ice House serving up wings and chicken skewers with his incredible bourbon glaze.
Superfry tried to remain healthy and ordered up a veggie skewer & chicken skewers in bourbon glaze.
You are witnessing true talent...not one chicken wing crumb or globs of sauce on his facial hair.
The Allman Brothers Tribute Band....see if you can spot the rebel flag behind the stage.