CLOSED !  But still present at Dayton area festivals


- Been serving up their famous Bourbon Chicken since 2001.

- Only use thigh & legs for their Bourbon Chicken.

- You can purchase their sauce & make your own Bourbon Chicken at home!


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Signature Items:

- It's all about the Bourbon Chicken.  This place serves up the real deal.

- Sweet Tea

- Grilled Sausages

Why we like this place:

- The Bourbon Chicken is incredible.  You can get it over rice on a bun.  Either way you get it, it will put a smile on your face.

- The restaurant served up some pretty damn good Mac & Cheese.

The Mac & Cheese was quite good...not pasty like a lot of the BBQ/Cajun Restaurants.
You can never go wrong with a big slice of cornbread.
A simple and no frills menu...the food was good...too bad the restaurant had to close up.
Jambalaya made with Chicken, Sausage, & Shrimp.....spicy!  Served with cornbread.
The Bourbon Chicken is what they are known for.  It's made of Thighs & Legs, so you know it's going to be moist & juicy.
We liked this logo....very cool!
The Bourbon Chicken is served over rice or on a bun.
It sucks that you can only get this Bourbon Chicken at festivals now.  Sure you can get it at a Mall Food Court, but it is NOT the same.
A menu listing of the side dishes.
The main offerings of the Lousiana Grill.