1301 Wayne Ave
Dayton, Ohio  45410

PHONE: (937) 586-9526

-Located in the Historic South Park Neighborhood in Dayton.

-Outdoor Patio

-Offers live music

-The highlights of this establishment is the rotating list of craft beers and pizza made with fresh dough.

-Monday nights are buy one get one pizza nights...get there fills up fast!


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South Park's Menu


-An assortment of specialty pizzas featuring fresh can definitely taste the difference!

-A revolving list of craft beers...unsure about what to order?  The staff is knowledgable and will even give you a sample.

-The Foccacia bread may be an appetizer, but it can be a meal itself.  Try this with your favorite craft beer!


-Monday nights are always special at South Park Pizza one get one free! 

-The Seafood Blanc on whole wheat crust is amazing!

-The Mojo Cubano sandwich is a must try!  Ham, pork shoulder, and swiss cheese.  

Beer, pizza, and music....what else do you need in life?
The Chicago Hoagie.....notice the stadium peppers!
Mondays is Buy One Get One Free pizza night!  What a deal.
Don't know which beer to order?  Ask the staff for a sample...if you're nice, you might get a few.
Superfry's favorite pizza....the Seafood Blanc on whole wheat crust.
The rotating beer list....written on a giant chalk board.  If only teachers wrote this on the blackboard when we went to school...we might of paid attention more.
The Mojo Cuban Sandwich served with chips and dijon mustard on the side.
The tavern has a neighborhood vibe to it.
We can blame our headaches on this frothy treat!  Superfry's motto "The hoppier the ale, the better the ale!"
The beauty of the Seafood Blanc pizza.  The whole wheat crust brings this pizza to the next level.
A pizza with sausage, banana peppers, black olives, and spicy peppers.  This one had some heat.
The Big Ragu loves his wheat beers!
A small order of Foccaci bread....we would hate to see how big a large order is!
Foccacia's healthy we tell you!
The Classic Italian pizza is excellent!  Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onion, Sausage, and Mozz cheese.
An exterior shot of the Pizza Tavern.
Like the sign says..."Beer is Food"