36 W. Fifth St.
 Dayton, OH 45402

PHONE: (937) 461-3913

-First restaurant opened in 1972 in Dallas, Texas.

-The building that houses the Dayton location was built in 1916 and was once home to a bowling alley and billiards establishment in the 1950's.

-Known for lots of antiques and and old trolley car that diners can sit in.

-Offers a kids menu


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Spaghetti Warehouse Menu


-15 Layer Lasagna 

-Brownie Sundae Supreme

-Sourdough bread with garlic butter

-Chicken Parmigiana


-The Italian Wedding soup is very tasty and loaded with ingredients. 

-The sourdough bread slathered with garlic butter! 

-Wednesdays are "Cheap Spaghetti Night".  For around $6, you can get an order of spaghetti, salad, and bread.  It is tasty and will fill you up.

-Who doesn't love sitting in the trolley?

-The lasagna is excellent!

It is not uncommon to order a pair of your favorite sauces to douse your spaghetti in.
Just tell your server to keep the hot sourdough bread coming!  Also make sure you have a couple of pounds of garlic butter to put on it.
The meatballs are large!  How large you might ask?  Large enough to stuff in the Big Ragu's mouth in order to silence him.
The popular trolley in which diners can sit in to enjoy their meals.  We don't believe their is a weight limit because we are allowed to dine in this car.
Looks like someone might have to check themself into the Betty Ford Clinic after drinking this potent drink.
The Italian Wedding soup is one of our favorite things here.  Lots of components inside the tasty broth.
Fettucine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken.
The familar sign at the downtown Dayton location.
The main entrance.
The main dining room filled with antiques.
A fine Italian brew, Moreti proudly displayed next to the menu.
Spaghetti with Garlic Butter Sauce....this is a must try.
A closer view of the Seafood Sauce (left) with a traditional red sauce on a plate of spaghetti.
Carb Addicts might have to enter rehab after trying this place.  You will not put it down.
What happens to lasagna after two behemoths tear into?  It pretty much looks like this.
The tasty 15 layer lasagna...we must admit that we really enjoyed this dish.