6161 Chambersburg Road
Huber Heights OH 45424

PHONE: (937) 233-1503

-Oktoberfest run by the parishoners of St Peter's Church in Huber Heights, Ohio.

-The food is homemade!!!


Signature Items:

-Homemade German food....made with pride!

-Lots and lots of good German Biers!

-Fun watching various characters dancing to German music.

Why we love this place:

-High quality homemade German food.

-Nothing beats watching old people dance to polka music...enhanced even more when beer is put into the equation.
What?  Who puts ketchup on a bratwurst with sauerkraut !???
Full length struedel out of the oven.. we bought 3 of them to take home and freeze
The powder on this struedel is like the shower to shower powder Ragu uses to keep "fresh" and The strudel is fluffy like Ragu's thighs
Bratwurst soaking in beer
When you see a person dishing out food from their home crock pot, onto a smoked sausage, you know it has to be good
Homemade cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes, and a kid who thought we were crazy for taking pictures of the food
Note the old school powdered sugar spreader. Superfry's weakness is waffle cakes
This smoked sausage had a belly button
Rare photo of Ragu's lips near a Bratwurst, but like some people think the moon landing pictures are fake, these are suspect too.. he is the only Italian we know who hates meatballs and sausages
Pork Schnitzel !
Oktoberfest means GERMAN BEER !
Potato Pancakes cooking
Even more selections of homemade German food...
Homemade Cabbage Rolls
Potato pancakes, they were so good hot off the "griddle"
Spaetzle.. Ragu has no idea what this is.. ask Superfry..
Homemade Dinners- made by church patrons
You gotta love a condiment table that features butter and horseradish
St Peter's Church Oktoberfest, Huber Heights, Ohio
Yeungling Beer, now available for purchase in Ohio !
Incredible looking 1/2 chickens, fresh out of the oven
The poster of festivities
Hey - wasnt there a bar near Ohio state named this ?
A crowd begins to form at the food booths
The 2 important points: No smoking under the tent, and polka mass starts at 3pm.. thats it ...
This lady wore an authentic German dress that was her grandmothers..