1609 E. 3rd St 
Dayton, Ohio  45403

PHONE: (937) 258-2654

-Has a reputation as being one of the most authentic Mexican Restaurants in Dayton.

-Will Deliver for a small fee.

-Have a "Drive Thru" if it is working.

-It may not look like much on the outside, but give it a try.  You will understand why the parking lot is usually full with cars.


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Taqueria Mixteca Menu


-Tacos with your choice of a meat (including chorizo, barbacoa, pork, ground beef, beef tongue, and chicken). 


-Enchiladas (you won't find these at Taco Bell).

-A trio of great tasting sauces to top your food with.


- It's one of the most diverse places to eat at in Dayton.  You will find every type of person in this place!

-The prices are really cheap! 

-The Tacos are basic and to the point: Two corn tortillas, meat, cilantro, onion, and a lime.  It doesn't get much better than that.

-Want to try a Mexican Coke?  Try it and tell us that you can't taste the difference. 

The beef tongue taco....Superfry forced to Big Ragu to try this delicacy.
This is what a true enchilada looks like....take that Taco Bell.
A chicken soft taco.  It doesn't get much more basic than this.
A picture of the housemade salsa.
We took a little of the Ceviche and put it on a corn tortilla.
Two more soft tacos...Barbacoa as well as Chorizo...these are Superfry's faves.
This is what is known as is basically a cold seafood stew.  You might not want to chug this thing.
A burrito with a side of rice and refried beans.  The Big Ragu loves his beans.
A trio of housemade sauces.
One of the Big Ragus favorite restaurants is Taco he had to get a ground beef taco.
As the sign 7 days per week.  The drive thru though...that is interesting.
A chorizo soft taco...this is one of the best $2 that you will ever spend.
Probably the best part of Ceviche....shrimp.
Taqueria's version of the quesadilla.  They make it a little different that what you are used to...lettuce and other veggies as well.  Not just a slather of sauce and cheese.
This is an echiladada...we have no idea why it is orange, but it tastes great.
Superfry's standard is three tacos...Barbacoa, Chicken, and Chorizo.  It looks like Superfry was cutting his bangs again.
An exterior shot of Taqueria Mixteca where everyday is like Christmas as the lights may June.
Big Ragu was pretty happy with the variety of sauces the place has on hand.
One of the friendly servers hooking Superfry up with another Diet Pepsi.
The dining room of the restaurant.  They also have booths on the side of the place.
Superfry's chicken soft taco.
Believe it or not...these chairs will hold us.
This is the inside of a quesadilla...very tasty.
More of the cheviche.
The beef tongue can be the judge on this one.
Getting a little up close and personal with a burrito.
This is going to go into the Big Ragu's mouth.
The barbacoa soft taco....delicious beef.
What a quesadilla looks like before we devour it.
The Big Ragu went for a chicken soft taco as well as the ground beef taco.
Is that Ralph Macchio dishing out the sauce?  It's actually the Big Ragu with "Heat Miser" hair working the magic.
The Big Ragu went for a plate of enchiladas...with sides of rice and refried beans.
It seems like we make friends wherever we go.  Superfry and Phil are showing off the guns.
This orange globe is some kind of coconut dessert that we couldn't pronounce!
Quesadilla, chorizo taco, and a beef tongue taco.
One of the interesting characters that you can meet at Taqueria.  This guy was pretty cool to us.
The counter at Taqueria Mixteca.
Like we's not pretty, but they crank out great food.